Blueprint of your family tree


My way of working & holding space for you is very much inspired by Damien Wynne’s work, which is all about “embodying the soul”.

One important element at the start of an empowerment session – as I offer it – is the intention to call in what Damien calls “the divine blueprint of the genetics“.

In this blueprint, each and every soul in your biological family lines is recognized and honored in their right place and relationships. Crucially, this includes everyone who was not acknowledged as part of the family for whatever reason (anyone who died in the womb – including unborn twins, triplets etc. – or was aborted, anyone who moved away and was forgotten, anyone who was cast out, et cetera).

Calling in this blueprint will allow for a flow of information and wisdom to be shared through all the generations. Whatever you heal within yourself, becomes available to the souls of your ancestors, parents, siblings and children as well – and whatever their souls heal, will then be available to support your life, too.

Our bodies include a lot of wisdom, belief systems and wounds from our ancestors – and we can easily bring these into our awareness at these current times. For instance, I was not brought up within a particular religion myself, but found I did carry various doom & gloom convictions within me, that were coming from a very restrictive protestantism in previous generations.
Also, often it is an unacknowledged aspect of someone’s life that gets carried over to future generations – so that it may come into awareness and be healed later on.

Please note that you personally don’t need to know who your biological parents or siblings are, or if anyone had any twins that died in the womb. Your soul knows.

Purely the intention to call in this blueprint of your family tree is enough. However, if you want to envision it, you can imagine:

  • the soul of your biological mother behind you on the left,
  • the soul of your biological father behind you on the right,
  • the souls of your grandparents behind your parents – and so on for the previous generations,
  • the souls of your siblings beside you: youngest to oldest from left to right,
  • the souls of your (future) children before you: youngest to oldest from left to right,
  • the souls of your (future) grandchildren before your children: youngest to oldest from left to right – and so on for the next generations.

Calling in the blueprint of the genetics is in itself a great tool for your personal development. You can benefit from doing this in any healing meditation, for instance by explicitly acknowledging every soul in your family lines and thanking them for the experiences they lived through.