Woman & Earth

Monique van der Velde – holistic coach, teacher, healer. I am very grateful for Monique’s guidance and healings in the past few years. Without them, I would not be where I am today in my awareness of how my ego tries to protect me by creating lots of distractions, and in my awareness of Mother Earth.

Lucia René – mystic. Her work in liberating the Earth from the energetic chains of the rather painful patriarchical period we are leaving behind now is described in her book Unplugging the Patriarchy (2009). I highly recommend reading it. It’s both a great story and a course in mysticism.
On her website you can find great work study courses (paid) and a lot of other audio files that are accessible by donation, as well as interviews with women whom she cooperated with or who inspired her.

Elizabeth Wood – seeer, anthropologist, mystic. Elizabeth was and is a student of Lucia René.
Check out her website for accessible webinars on – among others – cultural conditioning, DNA, Empaths & Entities.

Leslie Temple-Thurston – in her book The Marriage of Spirit. Enlightened Living in Today’s World (2003), she explains in clear terms how we can become aware of our unconscious patterns, so that they need no longer control our life.
Click here for an extensive interview with Leslie Temple-Thurston.

TreeSisters & Clare DuboisTreeSisters was founded by Clare Dubois, and started in 2011. She did not know how she would be able to achieve what she set out to do, but at some point she took the first step, and then the next, and the next. She committed to inviting women from all over the world to support each other and rediscover our power (letting go of our conditioning that one is better than the other, that women are inferior to men, that to experience emotions and cry is a sign of weakness), to rediscover our intimate relationship with nature & our planet and with our own nature, and to support Mother Earth in healing herself by planting a huge amount of trees to reforest the tropics.
I am moved by her speeches and the powerful work that unfolded since she took that first step.